5 Years of Robot Food

Robot Food arrived at the peak of the global financial crisis. Five years later, we’re toasting success with our very own anniversary rum.

Call it what you want – the Global Financial Crisis, the Economic Downturn, the Credit Crunch, Recession – five years ago, we were all up to our necks in it. But it wasn’t all bad. January 1 2009 was the time we made our entrance.

Simon Forster, Creative Director, says, “Even though creative agencies were disappearing all over the globe, we knew it was the right time to set up. Shrinking budgets meant more scrutiny on the quality of output, which opened the playing field to a streamlined, hands-on team willing to work hard and push creative boundaries. To paraphrase John Galliano, it was a credit crunch not a creative crunch.”

To celebrate these five fantastic years, we’ve had special rum bottled, in a limited edition of fifty. It’s aged five years in oak barrels, with a label that speaks of ‘a depth and complexity far beyond its years’. Each bottle has been hand numbered and finished with a branded wax seal. Why rum?

“Rum fuelled many an evening’s conversation as we were setting the business up, so it felt apt. To mark the occasion, we chose a very special pale gold sipping rum,” explains Client Director, Mike Shaw.

Something to savour then, just like the past five years. Here’s to the next five. Cheers!

RF-Rum-3200-x-2000-closeup RF-Rum-3200-x-2000-main RF-Rum-3200-x-2000-neck RF-Rum-3200-x-2000-woodbox RF-Rum-3200-x-2000-woodboxclose RF-Rum-3200-x-2000-woodboxglass