A new sub-brand for Jammie Dodgers that’s mischievously wholesome and ‘full of good fun’!

Known and beloved by many, Jammie Dodgers is a brand synonymous with mischief (and tasty biscuits). New to their portfolio is Oaty Bites, a new range of mini raspberry oat biscuits aimed at mums and little ones under 5. Having redesigned the Jammie Dodgers brand and their subsequent limited edition ranges, we were asked to design a sub-brand that would clearly communicate the positive nutritional values of the new biscuits and bring plenty of playfulness to packs as well.

Made of wholegrain oats with no artificial colours or flavours, Oaty Bites are designed to be a healthier, more permissible treat for kids. We wanted to avoid the worthiness of other healthy snack brands and find a sweet spot between the wholesomeness of the product and the mischievous, lovable quality that Jammie Dodgers are known for. ‘Little biscuits, full of good fun’ was created as the strapline, setting the tone and design direction for the brand.

We kept it light, using kid-friendly illustration for a playful aesthetic, and parent-friendly call-outs, for a reassuring tone that’s hard not to love. Exceptionally cute, cheeky monkeys star front and centre with big biscuit balloons and feature in a fun, back-of-pack mini-game designed to entertain kids and engage the whole family.

Keep your eyes peeled for the fun-filled multi-packs in supermarkets nationwide now.