A rebrand for Seabrook with ‘bags of flavour’

Seabrook has an enviable heritage and holds cult status to legions of loyal fans, but had started to feel tired and ‘me-too’ on shelf. In an overcrowded, hyper-mature crisp category, it was time to stand out rather than blend in. Our solution was a rebrand and reposition that would buck mainstream norms, bag more penetration and help Seabrook rediscover their challenger ethos along the way.

Seabrook is an everyday crisp with a no-nonsense personality, devoted to big, moreish flavour. Inventors of the crinkle-cut and the first crisp manufacturer to use sunflower oil, the Bradford brand are pioneers of flavour delivery in their field and a challenger at heart. Their inherent urge to disrupt is one that resonates with us and made us the perfect partner to strategically reposition the brand and lead redesigns of the Crinkle, Lattice and Straight Cut ranges – putting them back in the fight against corporate Goliaths.

We worked closely with Seabrook to pinpoint their unique place in the world. Through strategic insight, provocation and a collaborative brand workshop we were able to define the brand’s distinct personality, one that held true to Seabrook’s heritage but gave them the confidence to dare to be different.

Clarity on strategy equals clarity on design, so we stripped the brand down to its core assets and rebuilt it. The new brand mark is a striking evolution that stays true to the brand’s distinctive heritage as a key asset. Prouder and clearer; it’s the nucleus of a solid brand architecture with flexibility, changing colour according to flavour and defying the expectation of corporate repetition. Which, in turn, helps reinforce Seabrook’s confident ‘challenger’ status in a playful way.

Big flavour influenced bold design for Seabrook’s core range. Thick stripes of vibrant colours pop against a fresh white background, alternating in colour and shape to indicate flavour and cut. For the more premium Lattice range, we chose a rich blue backdrop and a premium foil substrate to give each flavour’s accent colour extra standout. The team also created the proud and punchy new tone of voice, including the ‘Bags of flavour made with pride’ strapline and the ‘Saviours of flavour’ brand story, which subtly nods to their northern roots.

The new designs have been proven to cut down recognition time for existing consumers as well as being more compelling for non-purchasers. With Seabrook’s swagger back in full swing, we’re proud to continue in our role as brand guardians, developing a new comms campaign and exciting NPD strategy that’s full of flavour – watch this space.

Kevin Butterworth, Marketing and International Sales Director, said, “Bold flavour and authenticity are key cornerstones of our brand that Robot Food have captured and reinforced in a unique and distinctive design. The outstanding results build on strong brand pride and are sure to grab the attention of both new and existing customers. It’s a great change for Seabrook Crisps and one that we’re extremely proud of.”

Martin Widdowfield, Creative Director of Robot Food, said, “We smashed category rules to give Seabrook a much braver, more disruptive attitude. No more clutter, just big bold ‘look at me’ branding. Seabrook is now more relevant, without being mainstream in approach.”