Adobe – An Evolution of Style

Weather you’re a design veteran or a hungry new blood, chances are we all have one thing in common; Adobe Creative Suite. Like a plain to a Joiner, or spanner to a Plumber, Adobe Creative Suite is the ultimate tool of our trade. It’s what helps make our magic ideas become realities.

So I thought it would be nice to have a look at Adobe’s evolution of style and take a scroll down memory laneā€¦

The Beginning – Illustrator 1.1 – 1987

What’s interesting here is between version 1.1 and 4.1, it seems as if screen resolutions were actually restricting graphic style. Then beyond version 4.1 we see an explosion in graphics, reflecting the current trends in each particular year. A few notable styles are Adobe CS, showing vector masking of natural textures, and the most recent Illustrator Creative Cloud, with typography reflecting the currentĀ Hipster type trend, balancing centred type and the addition of supporting underscores, with bursts of fibre optic lines communicating Adobe’s transition to the online world of Cloud storage.

Which version did you start with?


Illustrator_1 Illustrator_1b Illustrator_3 Illustrator_4 Illustrator_5 Illustrator_6 Illustrator_7 Illustrator_8 Illustrator_9