Field Notes

Beer Run Leeds

Running is good. Beers are even better. But what’s not so good are the extra pounds that pile on when enjoying the aforementioned B Word a little too much. So we sought a way to be able to enjoy a cool crisp pint without having to worry too much about our expanding waistlines.

Beer Run Leeds is a running and beer drinking movement started by a bunch of creative types in Holbeck. With a desire to make that first pint even more thirst quenching, we set out on a mission to combine our half love of running, with a real love of beer. The plan is to run twice a week, and meet up, as frequently to sample some of the great craft beers in a variety of alehouses the City of has to offer.

The Beer Run ethos is simple. We want to run with good people, have fun, discuss ideas and enjoy beer socially. Join us at 6pm any Tuesday or Thursday, on the Canal lock next to Candle House (LS6 4GH) for blood, sweat and beers.

Join the conversation @BeerRunLDS