BULK POWDERS Grows by 100% Following Rebrand

As the recently rebranded sports nutritionists launch their Pro Series™ Range, brand sales have risen 100% YOY. Not a bad way to see in 2014.

BULK POWDERS™ sell their sports nutrition supplements direct online, in bulk. They are the most competitively priced brand in the European market, and have just launched their top-tier product range, Pro Series™. The range was designed by branding partner Robot Food.

Products in the range are accredited by the Informed Sport programme, which provides extra quality assurance for athletes. The range also features a new high-end zip-lock bag design, which their manufacturer describes as, “The best looking and most technical pouch we’ve ever created.”

Managing Director Elliot Dawes says, “Pro Series is genuinely world-class and one of the best supplement ranges available today. No expense has been spared with the formulations and every ingredient is clearly listed along with its respective dosage.”

Martin Widdowfield, Design Director at Robot Food says, “We upped the game for BULK POWDERS™ with a stronger technical feel, but the Pro Series™ takes performance to a whole new level. The sleek black packaging reveals silver embellishments with flashes of neon in the signature green. We used high quality substrates to reinforce the premium feel, and the overall design does justice to the products’ high performance. With this range, there’s no doubt that BULK POWDERS™ are way ahead of competitors when it comes to product formulation.”

Pro Series™ launches on the back of BULK POWDERS’™ July rebrand. The new identity, packaging and ecommerce website, also designed by Robot Food, transformed BULK POWDERS™ from a price-led, functional company into a desirable lifestyle brand, leaving the competition cowering.

“Alongside Pro Series™, we’re also delighted to report that brand sales have doubled this year. This is largely down to our rebrand and shows the impact of great design. Gym-goers of all demographics now see us as a trusted, desirable lifestyle brand and our new ‘performance icon’ is instantly recognisable. Demand for our t-shirts, shakers, and other branded merchandise is huge and is playing a big role in brand visibility. Even though we’ve grown consistently over the ten years we’ve been trading, this is by far our most rewarding period of growth.” Elliot Dawes, Managing Director

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