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1st January 2014 marks our 5th birthday, so I wanted to take a look at a range of inspiring anniversary designs and campaigns of past and present. Here’s my summary of how own label, challenger and leading brands tackle these commemorative occasions.

In general, when it comes to design, leading brands are less adventurous than a fearless challenger. This stands to reason, as they have a lot more to lose. This isn’t to say small, incremental, big brand developments are easy and having years of experience in developing big brands, I know that fear of change is often a barrier with consumers. But when it’s time for that landmark anniversary release, brand managers can be more adventitious, taking risks and allowing creativity and innovation to flourish. This is evident in following anniversary limited editions.

Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Crystal Bottle

Referred to as “the most perfectly designed package in use,” it’s not a surprise Coke have released this highly collectable crystal anniversary bottle and it’s simply beautiful. Coca-Cola have a wealth of history and they always deliver iconic, innovative design that’s true to their original roots.

Hellmann’s centennial birthday campaign

To celebrate Hellmann’s centennial birthday, Unilever launched a marketing campaign to drum up attention for the country’s top-selling mayonnaise, whose formula remains almost the same as it was a century ago. It’s also the largest ever campaign for the brand.

“We wanted to create a campaign which emphasised the brand’s consistent position as a household favourite due to the quality of the product,” said Hasseb Rahman, marketing manager for the dressings business for Unilever UK and Ireland. “The new limited edition packaging for our jars of Real and Light mayonnaise uses our iconic blue ribbon to communicate the 100 years heritage from the UK’s leading mayonnaise brand.

For the latest campaign, Hellmann’s enlisted chef Mario Batali to come up with new twists on Hellmann’s recipes. “We went through 10 decades of recipes,” said Batali. He chose 30 recipes for Hellmann’s Facebook page and smartphone app, about half classic recipes and half new ones.

Starbucks Anniversary Blend

“Starbucks Anniversary Blend is about as distinctive as they come. This is a bold, confident coffee that we believe gets better every year it graces our palates.” Said a Starbucks spokesperson. I feel the pack reflects this perfectly. Juxtaposing bold, decadent illustration and simple, on-trend typography… Anyone fancy a brew?

Campbell’s Andy Warhol 50th Anniversary cans

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Andy Warhol’s 1962 work, Campbell’s Soup Company released limited-edition can designs derived from the original Warhol artwork. Boasting vibrant shelf-popping colour combinations, in a true to the original pop-art style.

Marks & Spencer 125 Years Anniversary

Marks and Spencer food packaging is a favourite for me. They always deliver simple, effective ranges, from rustic Italian pizzas, to traditional teacakes. It’s always a feast on the eyes walking down the aisles, and it’s no different with their recent anniversary celebration packaging. A perfect balance, using archival M&S history and simple contemporary design.

Lervig 10th Anniversary Beer

No post featuring Anniversary packaging would be complete without a beer label, and here’s a fine example. Lervig recently had their 10th anniversary and decided to make a limited edition beer to celebrate. The design tells the story of how it all started, crafted using vintage typography, a joyful tone of voice and bold masculine tones. The finished look is an exclusive, contemporary beer that’s begging for a bottle opener.

This reveals that tackling that looming anniversary successfully, brands, no matter how old, look back at their history, tell a story and reaffirm consumers. Much like our own birthdays, we get out old pictures, talk of past times and reflect on experiences over the years. It’s not all about expensive, limited edition packaging. In Hellmann’s case, a simple, limited edition label, coupled with a strong campaign is enough to keep it the no1 best-selling condiment.

We’re excited for our 5th Anniversary in January, and if you are too, make sure you don’t miss out what we’re up to. Follow us on twitter: @RobotFoodDesign

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