Fuel Your Ambition on TV

Myprotein has launched it’s first TV advert campaign, featuring the new strapline ‘Fuel your ambition’, which we came up with while redesigning the company’s packaging.

As well as suggesting the new strapline, we encouraged Myprotein to remove their ‘MP’ icon, which used to precede the logo and our pack designs set the way for a new brand style and clearer guidelines.

We used the products for years, before being instructed and think that the new image and strapline help make Myprotien a leading consumer brand. After almost a decade supplying direct by mail order, the company has taken the step to also supply retail, and with a more brand impact should go from strength to strength.

The biggest brand in the category is Maximuscle, which was bought last year by Glaxo Smith Kline for £162million. This January saw the launch of its latest TV ad campaign and a new company strapline, ‘Behind your performance’. We can’t help but wonder how much GSK paid for an ad agency to come up with that! It might now be more apt if it were changed to ‘Behind our competition’.

Click this link to watch the new Myprotein advert: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABUkiT09ui4