Getting into the spirit with Mr Kipling Australia

Mr Kipling is a brand beloved by Brits and known for its lines of ‘exceedingly good’ cakes and baked goods. Further afield however, the brand is really only enjoyed as a seasonal treat available during the Christmas period; its heritage and the allure of a Cherry Bakewell only truly understood by sweet-toothed ex-pats.

But after spotting an opportunity to stand out and establish itself in a growing but otherwise stale cake category, the Premier Foods’ International Team reached out for a design refresh and reposition that would help to grab the attentions of international consumers.

But more on that later.

First to launch are Mr Kipling’s Halloween and Christmas treats for the Australian market. We focussed on simplifying and amplifying the brand, heroing the Mr Kipling name front and centre, and incorporating their beautiful festive products into the design through aerial food photography. Traditional seasonal cues were modernised, with clean shapes set against bold, bright colours that shout loudly from shelves.

Stripped back, streamlined and very brand proud; the new range marks the beginning of Mr Kipling’s new international expression as a contemporary brand with plenty of stand out.

Look out for Mr Kipling’s Halloween Chocolate and Slime slices, Toffee Terror Whirls and 8 delicious Christmas SKU’s including favourites such as Mince Pies, Frosty Fancies and Festive Bakewells, arriving this month in retailers across Australia.