Field Notes

Glug glug glug!

We were recently invited to introduce Beer Run Leeds at Glug – a platform for creatives to do some mingling, networking (or Notworking™ as Glug call it) and listen to creatives talk about creative things.

Thursday’s Glug event was the second time the show had rolled into Leeds, but the first time we’d had chance to check it out. This year it was held in Duke Studio’s new creative space on Sheaf Street and it proved to be the perfect setting for what was a memorable evening.

After a few beers and a quick vitamin D top up in the Yarden, it was time for Patrick O’Mahony, from creative installation specialists New Substance, to step up and speak about the highs and lows he’d experienced throughout his career. From phallic sculptures for Mumford & Sons to nearly going bust twice, his talk was really engaging and offered us some valuable insight into a creative world we don’t usually get chance to explore.

Up next were our friends from Awesome Merchandise, Luke & Charlotte, who delivered a seamless presentation about all things Awesome – including a great picture of Luke rocking a mullet. We’re obviously very familiar with the Hodson’s story, but it was great to see how well they were received by everyone in the audience. Thanks to them as well for all their kind words on the rebrand.

And then it was time for the Robot Food boys to introduce Beer Run Leeds – a social running and beer drinking movement. Our informal and relaxed approach was received well and the feedback we got from everyone was overwhelmingly in favour of sweating it down the canal before enjoying a cool crisp pint. To recap the night, we want to run with good people, have fun, discuss ideas and enjoy beer socially. So join us at 6pm any Tuesday or Thursday, on the Canal lock next to Candle House (LS6 4GH) for blood, sweat and beers.

A special thanks goes to the Glug team, the speakers: New Substance, Creative Life, Awesome Merchandise & Music and everyone who came along and made it such a great night for all.

Follow @BeerRunLDS for on-the-go information.

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