Got Wood?

Authentic, gritty and packed full of attitude, wood block letterpress printing has been around for
centuries and shows no sign of stepping down now.

Although moveable wood type was no new thing, this particular style really found it’s feet when posters were required to advertise entertainment in the 1800’s. Hatch Show Print from Nashville, Tennessee have been designing and printing posters since 1875 for all kinds of purposes, but most notably music concerts. From the hard hitting and effortlessly cool Elvis Presley poster to the more recent and equally as eye catching White Stripes poster, this style of design is incredibly functional and timeless. It communicates in a simple and confident manner without being too aggressive resulting in hard hitting and memorable designs.

Hatch describe this style as: “Here was the simplicity, the effortless balance between type size and style, vertical and horizontal layout. Here, too, was the distinct whiff of American history, southern culture, and entertainment.”

This association with culture is what makes it such an effective aesthetic style for branding and packaging. The distinctive wood block style instantly communicates traditional values, handmade quality and a confidence that the product has nothing to hide. Lately it has become synonymous with authentic American eateries, hot sauce and no nonsense beef jerky.

Products such as Broken Trail hot sauce and Ugly Mug coffee are products from the American south that use the style to capitalise on their origin and culture whereas Hamish Ingham’s Sauces and Jeni’s Caramel Sauce adopt the style to convey the qualities and values of hand crafted, confident wood block printing suggesting that the product is trustworthy and has been produced with due care and attention.

So if you’re seeking a piece of that original Texas taste or want to munch on some moreish Nashville nibbles, then keep an eye out for this bold and balanced typography and you’ll soon feel as if you’re sat on a wooden porch gently rocking in the Mississippi breeze.

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