Innovation or Adoption?

About 14 weeks ago we launched a shiny new website (this one). During the design process we realised it was pointless to look to other design agencies for inspiration, as our competitors sites lacked innovation. We had been seeing sites such as cargocollective.com and behance.net that showcase design work for a while. We realised that thumbnails, leading to full bleed imagery was the perfect way to display beautiful photography and graphic work and we wanted to improve on the format. We also wanted a genuinely responsive website – a ‘one for all’ solution, to work accross PCs, tablets and mobiles. In doing so, we would be the first UK agency to launch such a website.

This week we’ve seen the launch of another agency website, which closely follows the format of ours. Now this agency produce some great work and perhaps they had exactly the same original thoughts as us, leading to study and influence from designer Scandinavian furniture producers’ sites… or maybe not. What we do know is that our pioneering format is now accepted by others and is no longer ‘new’. Anyone who’s read anything about modern marketing, such as Seth Godin’s ‘Permission Marketing’ will know the bell curve of adoption, shown below.

Anyone who’s delved a little deeper will know that most people are scared of new ideas and in order for an a new idea to be accepted, it has to be seen to have already been accepted by others. Then the masses will follow, as shown in the video below.

So, thanks rival agency for joining our merry dance and we look forward to joining yours at the next impromptu disco! It will be interesting to see who jumps off the fence and joins in next.