Loyd Grossman gets saucy!


Loyd Grossman is a household name who’s successful transition from food critic to supermarket stalwart, has made his brand of cooking sauces the go-to jar for food lovers wanting convenience. Following new product development, Premier Foods asked branding and packaging experts Robot Food to step in, and bring their innovative new sauce ranges to life.

In an effort to further expand the Loyd Grossman brand beyond their current core jars, Gastro and Pan Melts are premium sauces designed to appeal to modern foodies and couples. By taking existing architecture and flavour cues, Robot Food’s outcome – for both products – is a luxurious take on classic Loyd Grossman. With cooking sauces tending to centre on ‘winter family comfort food’, Gastro sauces needed to challenge category perceptions and drive a more modern, high quality cuisine. An all black pack moves the Gastro range away from the traditional cream tone and instantly elevates the proposition into a premium tier, above its competition. Bright, flavourful colours and modern design elements inject some much-needed contemporary flair and differentiation into an increasingly dated aisle.

With Gastro sauces setting the tone, the Pan Melts proposition communicates product versatility and vibrant flavour through simple design choices. The combined result are compelling new products with huge shelf stand out and instant ‘buy me’ appeal – unrivalled in their respective categories.

Loyd-002-Gastro Loyd-004-Melts2 Loyd-003-Melts