Martin’s Fixation

We’re not just Robots, we’re humans too. Here is an insight into what we’re up to outside of the Robot Food HQ.

It’s clear that fixed-gear (or ‘fixies’) bikes are uber trendy in the cool-hipster biking world. Wallpaper magazine are writing about them, Urban Outfitters is selling them and they can be seen gliding around most inner city centres globally.

The allure of the fixed-gear bike, for me is down to its minimalistic design and simple functionality. These are the characteristics I’m seduced by in many areas of my life, from fashion, the work i create and the space i like to live in.

This leads me onto my little obsession, my Italian 1970’s Viner Racer.

An old house mate owned the bike and used it as his daily run-around. It’s pretty clear from the pictures It was in dire need of some TLC. I acquired the bike last year and thats when my obsession for vintage bikes started.

The bike has had a total strip down, been re-sprayed, new decals, new parts and is finally in the condition it deserves to be in. All the work has been carried out by myself, which had it’s negatives vs. buying an off the shelf bike – bashed knuckles and oily fingers, but the beauty of the finished bike made it all worth while.

‘On yer bike’ I hear you say.