Mike’s Dutch Ironmask

We’re not just Robots, we’re humans too. Here is an insight into what we’re up to outside of the Robot Food HQ.

So it came to my attention I was in need of a small pet, not just any pet, but one which would not suck my wallet dry, require a substantial amount of attention or involve me picking up feaces scattered across my local park. Selecting a small pet that’s right for your home is no small feat, so after many weeks of deliberation, research and countless trips to ‘Pets at Home’, I had made my decision… a Goldfish!! Goldfish are great pets for the young and the not so young alike. They’re relatively easy to care for and if cared for correctly can give you many years of enjoyment… Perfect!

Once the decision had been made, a number of last minute visits to Pets at Home were required (thanks to Julia and the pod), to iron out any questions or queries I had with owning my very own glossy goldfish.

With my tank purchased along with a variety of decorations, including: barks, plastic reeds, weathered skulls and retro deep sea divers, I was ready to choose my Goldfish. If you’re not aware, the common goldfish is extremely dangerous and tend to destroy any other fish, which isn’t of the same breed. As a budding aquarist intending on owning up to five fish, I took this on board and chose an Oranda Goldfish, the friendliest and more cumbersome species of goldfish. An Oranda is a breed of goldfish characterised by a prominent bubbly-like hood encasing its head, often referred to as the slob of the fish world. When it was first imported from China to Japan, it was mistakenly thought to be native to Holland, and was therefore dubbed the “Dutch Ironmask”. Anyway enough of Wikipedia, without further ado I introduce you all to my very own aquarium and the most recent addition to the Robot Food team …Stephen!!


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