When you try too hard, it’s all too easy to fail. There’s a lot of bigging up, bold claims and bravado in the agency world to convince clients of dead-cert success, inflated sales and WORLD DOMINATION!

At Robot Food, whenever we are in danger of falling into the ego ‘trap’ (we’re not completely faultless in this regard), we try to remind ourselves of the fundamental truth to the conclusion of all the hard work, strategic thinking and creative endeavour. That, realistically, we are creating tomorrow’s rubbish. It might be beautifully crafted and thought-provoking rubbish, but it is packaging at the end of the day, so it’s destined for the dustbin.

This thinking allows us to stay grounded, and not lose sight of what we stand for. It’s our mission of ‘Better not bigger’ that got us to where we are now, so it would be foolish for us to start to buy into the hype and go off the rails in a spectacular teen-star-shaves-head fashion. It allows us to stay focused and channel all our energy into our clients work (which is surely what they pay us for). In other words, we like to let our work do all the work.

With this in mind, we’re celebrating that our work is indeed rubbish with our rogue’s gallery of garbage and litany of litter. If you see any of our old crap lying around, we’re inviting you to take a pic, post it on Instagram or Tweet it with the hashtag #OurWorkIsRubbish. It’s all very clever, post-modern and self-effacing (smug grin).