A ‘righteously dank’ identity for new brewery, Pubstomper Brewing Co.

Pubstomper Brewing Co. brews ales with more strength and character than your average ale. A single-minded brand focused on consistency and strength of flavour, Pubstomper approached us in need of an identity to launch their flagship product, a heady 8% ABV Pale Ale.

Founders and childhood friends, Cody and Christopher had a clear vision; to appeal to the beer drinker, not the beer brewer – intentionally understating flavour to give their niche market something completely unexpected. The identity needed to have great stand out but was to avoid the typical cues and self-indulgent claims of others in the category, at all costs.

Our solution was a muscular identity with plenty of positive impact. The black, red and silver colour palette packs a visual punch, indicative of the strength and depth of flavour found inside, while a strikingly simple on-pack ingredients table lets the ale speak for itself. Typography is distinct and confident, with the logo’s distinctive ‘P’ an unmissable beacon front and centre.

The new identity promises to grab as much attention online as it will do on-shelf, with sharp, clean graphics proving to be a winning combination in an execution that’s every bit as bold as their beer tastes.

Cody Cheesebrough, chief engineer at Pubstomper Brewing Co. said, “We needed an identity that would tell people where we’re coming from, something to stand-out against the mass market and would speak without pretence. After seeing Robot Food’s work on different design blogs, it was a no-brainer – they were the agency for us. Sure enough, they delivered with an identity that’s as punchy as our beer tastes”