Festive Packaging Design

I love going to the supermarket in the build up to Christmas. I could spend a fortune, if I let myself, on festive biscuits, chocolates, mince pies, brandy cream, yummy cheese boards, continental meats and even Christmas tree shaped crumpets!

The main attraction for browsing the aisles at this time of year is that a lot of brands make an extra Christmas effort – releasing special festive packaging and usually splashing out on special finishes, metallics, foils and different substrates. It all adds to the occasion and who doesn’t love a bit of bling at Christmas?

We regularly browse the supermarket shelves for our own research, so I’ve snapped some of the best Christmas packaging I’ve seen, to share with you lovely blog readers.

One trend which seems to stand out is the knitted Christmas pattern, inspired by the craze for Christmas jumpers, that’s emerged over the last few years. It doesn’t show any sign of slowing and we certainly saw plenty of them on our Christmas do last week. Budweiser and Cadbury are a couple that have embraced the jumper theme, but Waitrose have taken it a step further and practically decked their whole store out in Christmas knits, it’s on all their Christmas related own brand packaging, their POS and in-store signage. It works well, giving you that warm and cosy winter feeling and it’s a great example of how packaging can take a lead from high street fashion.

Warburtons and Mr Kipling have gone down the more simple Christmas pattern route and although it could be argued they’re not as beautifully executed, the use of bold colour offers standout and the effort is bound to get them into the promo areas of the supermarket.

McVitie’s, Fox’s, Jacob’s and Cadbury have some lovely contemporary/vintage style biscuit tins, which would be a shame to throw away once the contents have been scoffed.

Enjoy your Christmas shopping and we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for emerging trends in 2014.

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