We’re a group of passionate optimists, rebels, artists and writers who believe we can shape the future. Enjoying what we do is our recipe for producing great work.

Simon Forster

Founder & Executive Creative Director

Simon is a fearless, entrepreneurial creative who likes to stray from the herd. With an inborn instinct for disruptive thinking, Si founded Robot Food drawing on his experience growing global lifestyle sports clothing brands and background in art. A few things keep Si up at night. These include his relentless drive to always do, be and create better, and his baby daughter, Jovi. Among it all, he still makes time for riding a wakeboard, snowboard and motorbikes. His dream client? That would have to be Triumph, as it’s classically British and true to its roots.

Dave Timothy

Client Director

Dave is a seasoned, versatile brand professional. His experience spans sales promotion and retail, marketing and brand design, and his client list includes Unilever, P&G, Coca-Cola, Nestle, ASDA, Kimberley Clarke and Turtle Wax. What Dave loves most is helping clients be brave and original so they can turn something good into something amazing. Beatles fans, take note. Dave’s uncle used to be best friends with Paul McCartney, and Dave’s mum used to make Paul jam sandwiches when he came round after school. Dave can fix anything™ and enjoys cooking and playing the guitar.

Zoe Harper

Brand Strategist

A woman of substance, Zoe’s purpose in life is to find the purpose behind our clients brands; to win fans, not customers. Her experience is as varied as her wardrobe (she’s rarely seen in the same outfit twice). She’s worked for, and with, more brands than you’ve had hot dinners and believes in questioning the status quo. Often outspoken, sometimes challenging but always thought provoking. She’d walk over hot coals (and literally has) for clients. She’s controversial, but she gets results.

Martin Widdowfield

Creative Director

Bold, brave and nu-school to the bone, Martin takes the lead on creative strategy. He is at one with Google and his hunger for fresh thinking (and time spent Googling) makes his knowledge of trends truly encyclopedic. Before choosing design, Martin considered interiors, architecture and even the chef’s life. So to get his cookery kicks, he experiments with unusual ingredients, sometimes with surprisingly tasty results, and gets his interiors fix by buying designer Scandinavian furniture. Martin was the first hire for Robot Food and his interview, he announced, “I’ll make you famous”. He approaches briefs with the same confidence.

Jess Cook

Account Director

After taking a degree in PR, Jess worked in London in Fashion PR before joining the world of branding and design. She’s a born organiser, and when she’s not organising us in the studio, she’s out curating her own pop-up art exhibitions and commissioning artists to produce work on a chosen theme. She collects screen prints, alternative movie posters and band posters. Her design heroine is Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh, particularly for her socially aware design projects and her amazing achievements as a young female designer. Her favourite film is Leon.

Katy Mair

Senior Account Manager

She’s a mover and shaker is Katy. In both senses. A classically trained dancer and winner of the All-England Dance Finals, she then surprised everyone by shimmying into the design world on the back of a New Media degree. Now our busy Account Manager, Katy exercises her highly strategic brain solving creative problems. She also enjoys documentaries and what she doesn’t know about high-end cosmetics (specialty subject: lipsticks) just isn’t worth knowing.

Tessa Hill

Account Exec

A not-so-typical farm lass, our Tessa from Wensleydale joins our account team with a degree in Politics, a fully stamped passport and more tales of travel than Michael Palin (just don’t ask her about Cuba). From Colombia to Zanzibar, her passion for people and love of the outdoors has taken her far and wide to some seriously enviable locations. Worldly, outgoing and sharp as a tack – Tessa is just as much at home on the Austrian slopes as she is in the ‘dale with some Pad Thai and an old movie.

Georgina Haspell

Business Development

Georgina has communication and relationship-building down to a fine art. Her first job, after taking a degree in Media & Communications, was as a radio presenter. Five years later, she moved into travel, sales promotion and financial services, heading up account teams for behemoths including Barclays and American Express. Driven and hardworking, Georgina is as passionate about start-ups as she is about global brands. Not one for sitting still, she loves running, keeping fit and is a keen ‘clean’ cook and creator of gluten-free, dairy-free masterpieces.

Natalie Redford

Planner & Copywriter

Curiosity (and incessant nosiness) led Natalie to pursue a career in copywriting and brand strategy. After first studying photography in Edinburgh, Natalie moved to Leeds to complete an MA in advertising and design. Two years on and Natalie’s passion, creativity and strong will helped her to create her role with us, leading on brand storytelling and working with Zoe and the account team with brand planning and strategy. At school, Natalie was the Robert Burns poetry champion 3 years running. Today, her passions lie in karaoke, good TV and bad TV. Her ultimate goal is to write a screenplay and win the elusive 4th Robert Burns poetry championship.

Sam Rippon

Production & Artwork Manager

Bionic Sam (he’s got a metal knee from skateboarding) wanted to be a joiner when he was little. And then a teacher. But chose the print and repro industry and now, lucky for us, the branding and design world. A hardworking tech geek, Sam’s likes, loves and influences range from dance music and disco, the sculptures of Romain Longlais, James Lavelle (Sam’s dream client) and the film Withnail & I. He’s partial to golf and nearly has his handicap down to single figures, and recently refitted his entire kitchen and bathroom unassisted. He’s a pretty handy guy.

Mike Johns

Design Director

MJ is an unstoppable design force and his confidence and uncomplicated style are clear to see in the work we produce. Able to turn his hand to anything creative, he leads our design team from the front. With all the enthusiasm of a puppy off the lead, his energy, passion and hands-on attitude are infectious. He refuses to grow up as he believes it’s a trap and spends his spare time injuring himself skateboarding and snowboarding. His tombstone would read “Everything was amazing!”.

Julia Allan

Senior Designer

Eclectic would be a fair way to describe Julia. Illustration is a particular passion and her creative heroes are Morag Myerscough, Joe Snow and Mr Bingo. When she’s not designing, she enjoys Latin Jazz, a passion she traces back to seeing Courtney Pine perform, when she was just eight. Food is another big love. She’s into food photography and likes cooking Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese fare. When she can, Julia goes travelling and is known to never shy away from a local delicacy. Baby bee grubs, yak momos and ducks’ brains, anyone?

Ben Brears

Senior Designer

We all look up to Ben. He’s six feet eight, you see. His stature as a designer is also impressive. He favours a bold, simple approach and always strives for “the big idea, beautifully executed”. Ben’s pedigree includes B&B Studio and Elmwood, and his design dream would be to rebrand Pepsi. He has a daughter called Lyra, and a son called Lincoln. He watches far too many American TV series.

Chris Shuttleworth


If Chris could pick a brand to redesign, it would be his favourite milkshake, Yazoo. A master of expressive illustration and witty straplines, Chris manages to inject his signature playfulness into most of his work. His favourite project so far has been Awesome Merchandise, and he enjoys badminton, playing the guitar, and watching his favourite quiz show, The Chase. His design hero is Mike Johns.

Glen Thorpe


Put Glen in the Mastermind hotseat and his specialist subjects would be Nike trainers, design trends and pizza. In that order. An ambitious all-rounder, Glen’s experience includes the likes of Nintendo and Cadbury. Constantly striving to be the best designer he can be, Glen favours calf-length jeans, has never seen Karate Kid, and is delightfully well-spoken.

Eve Warren


Eve has (quite possibly) the best collection of shirts in the entire world. Full of colour, pattern and expressive lines – she quite literally wears her passion for design on her sleeve. After bouts in Manchester and London working on projects for the likes of BBC, Penguin Random House and Jamie Oliver, the stars finally aligned and brought her back to Leeds. A true music maven, Eve likes going to gigs with lots of fuzzy guitar and is partial to a bit of synth pop. She would love to design for an independent music label like Young Turks and says a dream client would be grass-roots start up with a niche point of view. Her favourite movie is the late 90’s classic, Paulie.

Tom Williams

Junior Designer

We’ve only got one word to describe Tom – hungry. And while he’d happily thank you for a juicy sirloin and a side of cruciferous veg, we’re referring to his appetite for design. Tom may be a modernist at heart, but it’s a love of the tangible and tactile that drive his work. His dream client is Lego and he’d love to get his hands on something large scale like an airline. And motorbikes. Tom really likes bikes. If it weren’t for graphic design, Tom would have been a bike mechanic and actually rebuilt his motorcycle one-handed after breaking his arm in an accident. Tom’s dedication to detail never fails to blow us away.

Hattie Windley

Junior Designer

Hattie trained in Fine Art before taking her Design degree and in 2017, was awarded a YCN Commendation for packaging design. Although illustrative design is one of Hattie’s strengths, she aspires to be a master of typography and logos like her favourite designer, Paula Scher. Snask Studios, Picasso and Matisse inspire her too. Other passions include baking and Asian cooking, playing World of Warcraft, listening to Fleet Foxes and watching thrillers and Disney Pixar movies. She is also a vegan, owns a Jack Russell and two cats, and can tame frogs. Yes really.

Rob Goodall

Creative Artworker

Weirdly sharp attention to detail, obsessive personality, exceptionally disciplined. Rob was clearly destined to be an artworker. Riding BMX is his passion. He’s ridden in Spain and France and even built rider trails in the woods for himself and his mates. Sci-fi is his favourite film genre and ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ is his flick of choice. Musically, he’s big on sound system culture and what he calls ‘sinister bass music’. Rob’s dream client? Spam, “because it’s a brilliant brand with tons of design potential.”

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