The Neon Capital

In December 1910 Georges Claude introduced the first neon sign. Since that time, Neon signage has become one of the most popular advertising tools across the globe. That’s not to say it has always been appreciated. Until recently, Neon signage has had a cheap and tacky association with beer-themed man caves, sports bars, cocktails and Tom Cruise. But, now it’s making a major comeback within the chic branding of today’s world. From sophisticated residential environments, to pop-up bars and hipster themed ventures, it would seem that it’s just not cool to have anything but a well crafted fluorescent tube advertising your tacos. Neon colours are a big trend these days, as is typographical art, so it only makes sense that Neon Signage is back in full force.

Living and working in Leeds I’ve been lucky enough to witness the sudden growth of such a vibrant and cultural city. The past year has seen a multitude of new bars, restaurants and shops engulf our northern streets. Including the grand opening of the ‘Trinity Kitchen’ – a modern day take on the humble and uninspiring shopping centre food court. With seven new permanent restaurants and five rotating street food vendors, there’s always something new to experience and taste.

Neon signage plays a huge part in the Trinity Kitchen as well as the Trinity Shopping centre. It is said that the neon signage situated outside the centre, on Albion Street, is a reference to Leeds being the only place in the north during the 1940s to make neon signage and lettering.

Now  I’am a sucker for neon signage, so the Trinity Kitchen is like a visual playground for me. At the entrance you are greeted by the glow of a million multicoloured vertical neon tubes dancing from the ceiling above, along with the Trinity Kitchen logo fabricated into a dazzling neon masterpiece. Not only does the communal space house a variety of neon signage, but each and every permanent vendor has their own unique piece of neon lighting. I’m drawn to the place like a moth to a flame.

The branding throughout the Trinity Kitchen is also very impressive. Pizzaluxe’s radiant flouro menus and Chicago Rib Shack’s well crafted golden pig logo are just a couple of the branded elements which make the Trinity Kitchen so aesthetically pleasing.

Here are a few photos from my vibrant adventure in and around the The Trinity Kitchen with a swift detour to The Nation of Shopkeepers…

… clearly, neon is far from dimming out and it’s great that our home city is leading the flicker of switches.

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