The No. 1 Rule In Branding

It’s well understood that a strong logo is one of the most important marketing tools. A well designed logo should not only provide a recognisable identity, but should also communicate who you are and what you do.

The 6 rules for an effective logo design:- simple, memorable, versatile, timeless, unique and appropriate. Ideally you want something which can grasp the audiences attention. However, you want their attention for the right reasons, preferably without creating a gasp!

Here are just a few examples of logo designs which have gained attention for the wrong reasons:-

While all of these may seem laughable and in some cases ludicrous, a valuable lesson must be learned, as a logo can make or break a company’s reputation.

As a design agency we create brand identities on a regular basis and follow one rule very closely… always check you haven’t accidently designed a phallus.

Last year’s bold re-design of Lil-Lets by Brand Opus seemed to disregard our golden rule. Instead, they deliberatly flaunted what they describe as the “GEM’ symbol” – meant to represent “femininity” deriving from “cross cultural symbols for the Goddess, the Earth and the Moon.”

I personally think the new brand icon is well crafted and sits attractively with the tweaked lettering of Lil-Lets, but even though it ticks off all 6 rules for an effective logo design, it may just be a bit too appropriate to the product itself and memorable for the wrong reasons.

When companies first started introducing illustrations of pigs on sausage packaging, some consumers were outraged by the visual reminder of where their meat came from. Now everone has jumped on the bandwagon and even Waitrose now use a sweet little piglet graizing to represent just how tender their free range sausages are.

I wonder if it will become common place to be as literal as Lil-Lets, with other brands in the hygiene category. Taking this new lead we have disregarded our number one rule for design and here’s our concept for a rebrand of Trojan condoms.

No1Rule In Branding-01 No1Rule In Branding-02 No1Rule In Branding-03 No1Rule In Branding-04 Trogan