Traidcraft takes a bite out of the luxury cookie market

Traidcraft make delicious Fairtrade luxury cookies. To re-establish themselves among the competition, brand and packaging design agency, Robot Food, upped the quality and provenance cues for a tastier range with crunchier impact.

Since Traidcraft launched their luxury cookies in 2001, the cookie market has now shifted away from everyday value into premium quality, with more people trading up. The time was right for Traidcraft to get their teeth into the competition.

Perceived as a high quality brand, Traidcraft’s cookies look and taste every bit as indulgent as non-Fairtrade cookies. But the existing packaging wasn’t reflecting consumer perceptions. Last updated in 2005, the packs featured dated photography scenes focusing on the provenance of the Fairtrade ingredients, but the packs lacked appetite appeal and did not convey quality or luxury . The company was also adding more Fairtrade ingredients, which would give them extra clout and category differentiation. There was much to do.

The new range consists of Double Chocolate Chunk, Stem Ginger, and the introduction of Chewy Fruit & Oat. Martin Widdowfield, design director at Robot Food, says, “Indulgence was the key message. So we dialled this up and made ‘Fair Trade’ more of an endorsement than the prominent element it used to be. We used subtle pattern cues to communicate provenance, and a rich photographic style to amp up the indulgent cues. Placing the vibrant colours against a darker, low key background added an element of temptation, and we created an eye-catching roundel to communicate the extra Fair Trade ingredients.”

The refreshed packs look much more appetising and premium, and put lots of clear space between the luxury range and Traidcraft’s lower tier FairBreak range and their giant GeoBake cookie range.

Product marketing manager, Jenny File, said “Robot Food really understood our vision and what we needed to achieve, and we’re delighted with the results. The confident photography style and pattern designs do justice to the quality, taste and our improved Fair Trade credentials. The Robot Food team have really given us the edge we needed to re-assert our leading market position and in the first four weeks we have seen an increase of 20% in the number of packs sold.”

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