Trend Watch – We love the 90s!

As Design director I love to keep up-to-date with the latest Fashion, Tech gizmos, news and forecasts. This is something I’ve consistently done since my teens and it’s amazing to be in a industry where I can actually take my interests to work and use them commercially. Searching for that next big idea trigger keeps my mind ticking.

For the last 6 months or so, the fashion industry from Esquire to Vogue, have been predicting a 90s revival. Walking through town it’s obvious this trend has now hit BIG. The streets are awash of hipsters wearing 90s classics, from Jansport backpacks to neon Nike Air Max trainers and Dip Dyed hair, from über cool hair salons such as ‘Bleach London‘.

This is all good for the fashion brands who want to jump on the band-wagon. But how do ‘us’ guys, in other design industries benefit and use these trends to our advantage? Well, it’s pretty simple. So simple most don’t see it. It’s about discovery and getting involved. Having a passion for the new, the classic and the revival and showing that passion in the work we produce. Fashion is generally ahead of FMCG in terms of trends and larger ones tend to filter through over time. So by keeping a close eye on fashion, we can ensure that the work we produce is ahead of the game.

Here are some of today’s FMCG designs that have caught the 90s fever, mixed in with some originals… Can you tell them apart?

Some think fashion is pointless, but it has meaning to me. It’s about lifestyle choice. Yes, we wear shoes for function, but my shoes help define me. They demonstrate where I’m at at this moment. For brands to become champions they also need to be more than functional, everyday commodities. Desirability sells and embracing trends can help brands appeal and connect emotionally. Trends can generate a powerful force, spreading amongst peers, going on to affect everyone in contact. This power has always fascinated me and can define or redefine a brand.

If harnessed for marketing advantage, understanding of trends can be extremely powerful. Seth Godin’s book, The Purple Cow hits the nail on the head with his thoughts on “Sneezers, Influencers and Early Adopters…” It’s well worth a read.

Time to put on my Nike Air Max 90s and hit the streets…