From making badges in the bedroom to building an awesome global business, our realisation of Awesome’s vision was a full brand overhaul and identity design worthy of the name.

our client says…

“We’re super happy to see our new brand out there. People are absolutely loving it and are finding the website much easier to use too. Robot Food smashed our rebrand, totally exceeding our expectations.”

Luke Hodson — Founder and Director, Awesome Merchandise

Combining new school graphics with hand-painted typography, we created a professional yet punk identity for the custom merch masters. We then developed a brand language that spoke about the personalities and philosophies that have elevated Awesome to where they are now.

We created a custom, hand-painted typeface that crackles with the energy and passion that makes Awesome awesome.

We put the identity to the test by creating a range of what Awesome does best; branded merch. Then we created a showroom that showed it all off.

Finally, we overhauled Awesome’s website, bringing it in line with the new brand and helping surface products in a cleaner, clearer and just generally more Awesome way.

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