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Our clients, Luke and Charlotte, said,

“We’re Awesome Merchandise. We love what you do and could do with some help.”

From T-shirts to drumsticks to badges and banners, Awesome make cool custom stuff, all in-house.

Combining new school graphics with hand-painted typography, we created a professional yet punk identity that captures their alternative spirit and expresses their hands-on passion for quality swag.

As well as the identity and website we also designed Awesome’s own range of products and a smart new factory showroom.

There is no deep strategy or high-level conceptual approach to the applications, other than to make things that inspire other people want to make things.




We’re super happy to see our new brand out there. People are absolutely loving it and are finding the website much easier to use too. Robot Food smashed our rebrand, totally exceeding our expectations.”


Luke Hodson – Director

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