Black Twist

Positioning, Naming, Branding & Packaging


Connor, our client, said,

“Please create the identity for my new premium spirit. It needs to be striking yet subtle with lots of intensity. Like the drink itself.”

Black Twist is made with Arabica coffee that’s cold-brewed in triple-distilled Irish whiskey. So it’s punchy yet smooth. And totally delicious. Just the thing for ‘strong’ coffees, cocktails, or on the rocks.

We created the Hard Coffee strapline first. This helped put distance between Black Twist and the ‘softer’, sweeter market alternatives.

Then using a simple white, black and copper colour palette, we created a ‘hard’ coffee bean for the logo, a slick black outer twist, and a crafted texture to evoke artisanal cues.

We also wrote a bold brand story and created a suite of icons and messages to capture the provenance and depth of Irish passion. It’s an identity that truly lives up to its name.

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