Crafting Success

Working extensively on Cadbury cakes, we’ve baked in standout design and bold personality to get big results. Mini Rolls saw double-digit YOY growth following our rebrand, with sales up £5m. AmazeBites delivered £5m RSV in just it’s first year. And we’ve worked extensively on a series of successful seasonal ranges too.

our client says…

“Robot Food truly understand the essence of our brand and work with agility on everything they do. This has contributed to transforming the performance and positioning of Cadbury cakes. A huge thank you to RF!”

Jo Agnew — Brand Director, Cadbury Cakes

Cadbury Mini Rolls are the original cake bar, but walk down the aisles and you might’ve missed them. We capitalised on the speech mark shape created by the swirled filling to develop a positioning “with BIG personality”. We delivered a bold new brand lock-up, and we heroed each product with dynamic photography.

The personality is brought to life with a series of relevant exclamations, giving each flavour literal shelf shout. Open the packs and you’ll find further personality on individual wrappers.

We helped create Amazebites from scratch — taking the brand from NPD sketch and name generation to delicious, double-blended delights sat on shelf. The name came first — after one taste someone blurted out ‘amazing!’, which quickly became Amazebites, setting the tone for design strategy.

For maximum shelf-shout, we ramped up the shareability and Joy with unmissable typography and a bold tone of voice. Loud enough to advertise themselves, and luxurious enough to wait until the kids are in bed.

We’ve also created seasonal packaging for a wide variety of cake products; stirring in some spookiness for Halloween cakes and adding a sprinkle of festivity into Cadbury at Christmas.

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