Baskets of Bottle

Instilling confidence back into Co-op’s own brand beers, ciders and spirits with a new look and feel destined for savvy shoppers’ trollies.

Our client said…

“Beers, ciders and spirits has never looked more confident. Easy to navigate and hard to miss, Robot Food have set the bar for own label and delivered a range that feels like a genuine and credible alternative.”

Brooke Fletcher – Packaging Design Manager at The Co-op

More shoppers are now savvier to own-brand alternatives, aware of the innovation, quality, choice and price they can offer over big name brands. But research found that many retailers were still reluctant to break from a ‘me-too’ approach to design and happy to adopt a similar look to category leaders.

We chose not to shy away from own-brand status and, instead, create a uniquely proud narrative that heroes the brand and celebrates each product across beers, ciders and spirits. From vodka to wheat beer, the result is an eclectic but cohesive range that sits confidently alongside leading brands.

A fixed colour palette and silver Co-op brand mark was applied across the breath of products for consistency and to allow more freedom when designing each individual SKU.

Expressive typography and impactful graphic treatments create an ‘ownable’ look for each product, while Co-op’s distinctive blue proudly identifies the collection as a whole.

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