Electric Ink

Positioning, Product Development, Naming, Branding, Packaging & Website


One in three young UK adults have at least one tattoo. Yet there was a lack of credible tattoo long-term skincare brands. So we rolled up our sleeves to create and launch one.

We named it Electric Ink, and got cracking with the identity and packaging. Like any tattoo worth its ink, the designs capture the imagination and tell their own story.

Rooted in tattooing sub-culture, the pack designs blend a clean health and beauty efficacy with traditional flash sheet art – Teaming up with Tom Gilmour, a Philadelphia based London born artist with hugely relevant credentials, to help bring our vision to life.

We spent six months working closely with a specialist health and beauty manufacturer to create a natural, vegan-friendly range that’s packed with active ingredients.

Electric Ink is a self-assured challenger with a strong point of difference. You’ll find it in Superdrug stores nationally as well as selected tattoo shops and lifestyle fashion retailers such as Urban Outfitters across the U.S.A.

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