Broadening Fred’s Range

With Homepride looking to expand and modernise their range, we went beyond brief and delivered sub-brands with extra-tasty impact — Encouraging reappraisal of Homepride and creating real stand-out in store.

our client says…

“Robot Food have done us proud, and far exceeded our expectations. The fresh colour, the great typography, the careful treatment of brand, it all combines to create a truly impactful range, and helps sets the tone for future NPD.”

Andy Smith – Marketing Controller, Homepride

With ‘All American’, the flavours are the big sell. So we replaced the usual ‘Homepride blue’ with a deliciously vivid colour palette, leaving consumers in no doubt about the standout taste.

American smokehouse-style typography strengthens the product USPs. Fred sports a patriotic ‘stars and stripes’ oven glove, and a holding device keeps the Homepride logo prominent. A perky US-style tone of voice adds the finishing touch.

For Homepride’s new children’s sub-brand, Kids, we channeled our inner child to create a fun and engaging personality for the sub-brand, putting Fred at the centre of the adventure.

Illustration, contemporary colours and an imaginative use of food photography all come together to tell a new story for Homepride — one packed with over 80 grams of veg, exotic but mild, kid-friendly flavours and giant tomato space hoppers.

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