monstrously good fun

Embarking on a full study of consumer trends followed by a collaborative brand workshop to establish a new positioning, mission and values, we breathed new life into a well-loved brand; injecting attitude, personality and a carefree swagger to bring the brand bang up-to-date, and helping put the fun back into breakfast time.

our client says…

“Robot Food’s fantastic work has made Honey Monster Puffs relevant again. We’re now a brand that modern families can really trust and buy into.”

James Hirst — Managing Director, Brecks Foods

As a well loved family-staple for decades, we worked hard to retain key brand equities whilst bringing the brand right up to date — including a new-look Honey Monster.

Our friendlier, more contemporary Honey Monster takes centre-stage alongside a cleaner, clearer pack hierarchy and a prouder brand mark — that replaces the previous brash red logo in a tastier and more considered colourway. Setting the brand up for a series of new product launches that are currently underway.

The fun, straight talking tone of voice is accessibly witty; and is capable of extending off-pack in the form of advertising and comms.

Our contemporary and graphic take on the monster translates easily to merchandise and digital spaces too; helping tickle nostalgia impulses for existing fans and creating a legion of new ones in the process.

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