Honey Monster

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Gary, our client, said

“We’re reducing the sugar, so can you help us put the Honey Monster back at the head of the breakfast table?”

We embarked on a full study of consumer trends followed by a collaborative brand workshop to establish a new brand positioning, mission and values. Followed by new product development workshops to develop a pipeline of exciting new products.

As a well loved family-staple for decades, we worked hard to retain key brand equities whilst bringing the brand right up to date – including a new-look Honey Monster, who proudly takes centre-stage on packs. Moving him on from a tired, suited character, we created a graphic and contemporary Honey Monster for a friendlier, more eye-catching brand.

The new pack hierarchy is cleaner and clearer, and the prouder, bolder brand marque replaces the previous brash red logo with a tastier, more considered yellow and white colourway. The fun, straight talking tone of voice is accessibly witty with transparent pack claims.

The first extension to the Honey Monster brand is ‘Oat Puffs’ and watch this space for more to come!

“Robot Food’s fantastic work has made Honey Monster Puffs relevant again. We’re now a brand that modern families can really trust and buy into.”


Gary Lewis – Managing Director, Brecks Foods

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