Jammie Dodgers

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Matt, our client, said

“We’ve improved our Jammie Dodgers recipe. Can you apply your strategic touch to our branding, packaging and advertising?”

Having rebranded Jammie Dodgers back in 2010, we were excited to be asked to work our magic once again, following a few years apart.

This Great British institution had a new, improved recipe to shout about. We also wanted to unite and strengthen the range.

First we re-rendered the iconic splats for a succulent shine and better standout. Then we developed a new logo font in clean white, and emphasised the playfully prominent ‘O’.

The comic book link of old inspired the bold ‘new recipe’ messages, and a more ownable sub-font gives variants a more visible, distinct personality.

Add new face-forward SRPs, and you’ve got a vibrant new brand with instant visibility.

In-store activation and tactical advertising play their part too, with ads that proudly proclaim the new recipe and encourage brand reappraisal.

The results take the biscuit.

“Robot Food have delivered, as always. Consumers are now aware of the great new recipe, and the tasty design leaves shoppers in no doubt about the improved flavour and product quality. We are delighted.”


Matt Wilson – Marketing Manager, Jammie Dodgers

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