Positioning, Branding & Website


Luke, our client, said

“We’re starting a new social online venture and could do with your help articulating it.”

Mercht is a new startup offering a ‘free way to create, promote and sell custom designed merchandise’, with no financial risk. Printing power to the people, you might say.

Such democratic vision deserved charismatic branding, and we created an identity with a strong sense of freedom and movement.

The loose, flowing logotype captures their ‘design for all’ ethos. Branded illustrations and eye-catching icons clearly express the nuts and bolts of the service, and a lively red, blue and yellow colour palette gives great standout.

Branded mail bags. Tee shirts. Badges. Stickers. Pencils. We designed a whole range of promotional materials.

The website is the heart of the business and we designed the whole thing. From the look and feel, to the user journey and consistent brand tone of voice that articulates the offer with warmth and clarity. Colourful and compelling, the results leave the corporate-looking competition standing to set a new industry benchmark.

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