The Journey Starts Here

Serving up a brand world bursting with youthful resilience and adventure to capture the free spirit of Pernod Ricard’s Passport Scotch and the curiosity of a global millennial audience.

Building a world from a bottle

Blending Passport’s iconic bottle, traditional values and unconventional spirit, we created a suite of assets to help bring the brand off of the bottle and into the world. Passport’s essence is captured in a breadth of logos, brand marks and icons that tell stories of travel and exploration.

An unstoppable spirit

Passport’s free spirit resonated with millennial audiences across the world living in the ‘here and now’; those seeking new, enriching experiences, valuing time with friends over the physical riches in life. Our world revolves around these ‘Experience Collectors’; where they live, where they play, their interests and ambitions.

A world of discovery

As a global brand, Passport’s world needed the flex to work in a number of locations across the world. Every asset and brand experience has been designed to adapt to the local nuances that each market brings, be it a continent, country or city.

A world of possibility

The five spirits of Passport are an important component of each and every extension. In Passport’s ATL photography, each spirit is tied to a possibility, using colour and icons alongside various cocktails and flavours to signify the blend and personalisation of the product.

A world of excitement

Much like how other spirit brands own after work drinks or apertivo hours, we looked to capture the spirit of the first round with friends and the anticipation that comes with early evening in Passport’s lifestyle photography. Passport is brought to life with a strong brand presence through the use of distinct green and contemporary texture.

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