Branding & Packaging


Our client, Cody, said:

Can you bring out the righteously dank flavour of our ales in our branding?

A single-minded brand focused on consistency and strength of flavour; Pubstomper Brewing Co. brew ales with more character than your average ale. They came to us in need of an identity to launch their flagship product, a heady 8% ABV Pale Ale.

The new identity had to communicate – but not over emphasize – the powerful flavour and craft credentials of the brand, so we used a punchy colour palette of black and red against the silver substrate to hint at the strength and flavour inside.

Flavour is intentionally understated to give Pubstomper’s niche market something unexpected. We kept the on-pack ingredients table simple to let the ale speak for itself.

Typography is distinct and confident, with the logo’s distinctive ‘P’ an unmissable beacon front and centre on the can.

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