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Radka, our client, said,

“The competition is heating up and we’re in danger of losing relevance. Can you give us a rebrand that’s worth its salt?”

To many UK households, Saxa is salt. Having been around since 1907 it’s one of the UK’s better known heritage brands, but the premiumisation and flavour innovation of new brands entering the market threatened to compromise Saxa’s status as category leader.

Saxa asked us for a rebrand that would not only reinvigorate their core brand, but give it a stronger purpose and put it pride of place in UK kitchens again.

We took a modern, upbeat and focused approach, leveraging Saxa’s rich heritage by simplifying key brand assets and amplifying the most relevant equities.

For the logo, we refined the previous serif font, simplified the holding device and introduced a more contemporary sans serif font for the variant name and descriptor.

The original pack format was a key asset, so we stayed loyal and chose to keep the iconic drum shape in order to maintain strong brand recognition.

We used abstact cues and expressive marks to distinguish each type of salt and big-up the flair Saxa brings to cooking. Flowy lines and wave-like swirls take inspiration from the sea, while a coarse, blocky pattern echoes the texture of the natural rocks from which the salt is mined.

“We are delighted with the outcome. The rebrand demonstrates flair and credibility, and Saxa can continue to be a proud bearer of salt. This is a fantastic base on which to expand.”


Radka Sovsakova — Premier Foods

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