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Kevin, our client, said,

“We want Seabrook to be the plucky northern challenger we know we can be. Can you help us with a reposition and new look?”

Seabrook is a cult classic with legions of loyal fans and devoted to big moreish flavour, but they felt tired and ‘me-too’ on shelf. In an over-crowded, hyper mature crisp category it was time to stand out rather than blend in.

Our solution was a rebrand and reposition that would buck mainstream norms, bag more penetration and help Seabrook rediscover their challenger ethos along the way.

We helped to define Seabrook’s distinct personality and translated it into a bold, punchy design with a proud tone of voice that has bags of shelf shout. Stripped back and rebuilt, the new branding is an evolution that stays true to Seabrook’s heritage.

Big flavour influenced bold design for Seabrook’s core range. Thick stripes of vibrant colours pop against a fresh white background, alternating in colour and shape to indicate flavour and cut.

For the more elevated Lattice offering, we chose a rich blue backdrop and a premium foil substrate to give each flavour’s accent colour extra stand-out.

“Bold flavour and authenticity are key cornerstones of our brand that Robot Food have captured and reinforced in a unique and distinctive design. The outstanding results build on strong brand pride and are sure to grab the attention of both new and existing customers.”


Kevin Butterworth – Marketing and International Sales Director, Seabrook

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