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Sunita, our client, said,

“We’re known for fun, quality made toys but have lost shout on shelves. Can you help us with a reposition and rebrand that’s as lovable and enduring as the toys we make?”

90 years of experience and a reputation for quality makes TOMY one of the world’s favourite toy brands. But following a review of their infant and toddler ranges, TOMY saw opportunity to stand out and communicate the fun and joy of their products to a new millennial audience.

Our solution was to get to the heart of what makes TOMY, TOMY and implement a full reposition and rebrand across 40+ SKU’s that would encourage reappraisal from modern parents and their little ones.

After hosting a brand workshop, involving key members of TOMY’s global team, we found that most competitors were keen to move into digital. But many new parents (the majority of whom are millennial) still held value in analogue toys and for those looking to instil traditional values in a new generation, TOMY’s timeless, genderless, well-crafted toys had a clear point of difference.

We defined a new strategy and positioning based on the strapline ‘Hands on Fun’, and established infant and toddler as a sub-brand in its own right by unifying the ranges under the name ‘Toomies’.

Collaborating with TOMY’s in-house packaging team, we developed a new, more uniform pack format. Then, stripping design right back, we established a clear and ownable pack hierarchy to be applied across the entire range and have universal appeal.

On-pack messaging was simplified and amplified to cut through the noise of a cluttered and chaotic toy aisle. We chose to hero the product as the main point of focus together with one primary product USP shown consistently on front of pack in the top left corner.

Product descriptors were paired back too, opting for a simple and child-friendly tone of voice that speaks directly from a ‘first toy’ perspective.

Characterisation of the product was important, so illustration was key to the final design. Backdrops of spikey, green grass and flowing, blue waves were introduced to make navigation of the range easier, clearly segmenting ‘those’ who were bath and ‘those’ who weren’t.

Across the entire Toomies range, each toy’s character is brought to life on-pack through fun and engaging illustration created in-house by the Robot Food team.

The guidelines cover the breadth of the work, including everything from the illustration style to typography, logo and icon creation to photographic style, pack architecture to tone of voice.

Every element was considered to create a functional, easy to navigate brand that brings out the fun of TOMY toys through engaging design.

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“Robot Food’s fresh thinking and creativity have helped us to clarify and own our brand truths. We can see clear space between ourselves and the competition and an exciting path for the future.”




Sunita Rajkanwar  — Senior Brand Manager at Tomy

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