Getting Tails Wagging

Blending full on functionality with big personality to bring realness back to the pet food aisle. We gave Wagg’s no-frills, locally sourced pet food the confidence to face off against stiff own-label competition with a strategic rebrand and packaging design.

Our Client Says…

“We are the savvy choice in a category polarised by old-fashioned design and overly worthy premium brands. Robot Food has not only changed perceptions of the brand through design but brought coherence to the entire range.”

Lucy Stones — Brand Marketing Manager at IPN

Faced with unstructured and confusing pet food aisles dog owners were being made to feel guilty about what they fed their dogs, especially if they weren’t buying the most expensive products.


The name Wagg was the perfect start point, driving our decision to create a brand mark as full of personality as our furry friends. Stepping away from the repetitive and cliquish dog images typically seen across the category, we chose a broad selection of tails to celebrate all dogs from best in show to mans best friend asleep on the sofa.

This project was as much about strategic thinking as it was great design. We dropped Wagg’s ‘Premium’ SKU to strengthen their positioning and restore confidence in their core range.


The recognisable brand mark and ownable photography style freed up colour to aid in the shopping experience. The colour palette chosen reflects the lifestyle of the modern customer; bright, friendly and accessible without being unnatural.

The rebrand expanded to Wagg’s cat and small animal ranges which we renamed to fit with same waggish personality of the brand’s core range. A cohesive guidelines document was created to pull the project together and future proof the brand.

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