Wine is a category crying out for disruption. Whether you buy based on colour, price or how pleasing you find the logo, the fact remains that most wines feel inaccessible. From first-hand experience we felt most brands failed to communicate to a wider audience and saw an opportunity to put forward a concept that would not only resonate, but shout loud from the sea of sameness that is the wine aisle.

By drawing on lessons learned from the craft beer and spirit revolution and applying a bit of strategic challenger thinking, we created Wayward Wines. An expressive, accessible brand of wine, positioned to bring some relevance back to a stuffy category.

A clean, contemporary overarching Wayward identity pulls the range together, with only a simple brand marque visible from shelf view.

Bold colour ways, texture and expressive, hand illustrated lines all work together to give consumers an instant hit of what each wine will taste like.

By taking the pomp and pretence out of the decision-making process, we’ve designed a range that gets straight to the point, putting flavour first. This is not wine for the connoisseurs and their cellars, this is for the many who drink to enjoy.

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