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08 June 2023

Graduate Design Intern/ Resident

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We've all been there:

We've all been there — 'make the tea, prepare the presentation, work on the fake brief for a bit, find some stock images, and suck up the crap wage because #experience'. It's… not great… is it?

What we offer instead:

A 6-week, fully paid, in-person residency — long enough to get to know everyone, and time to recognise we don't bite. You'll work alongside our team on real work, for real clients, and get the real Robot Food experience.

We'll involve you in projects, help you develop your ideas and treat you as part of the team, because, well, you are. We'll do our best to show you that a real life 'branding agency' is just a bunch of humans — even the production team (sorry guys, couldn't resist). Drinks, socials, lunch, you're welcome on 'em all. You'll experience what it's like working alongside account managers, strategists, copywriters, designers, and production specialists, and get every opportunity to prove you should stick around a little (or a lot) longer.

What we're not:

We're not fussed where you went to university, or whether you went at all. We're not bothered about your last part-time role at Curry's, or that summer you worked at Starbucks. We're not concerned if you haven't already completed a years internship at SurnameSurname&Partners — we just want to see a portfolio bursting with great ideas and your passion for design.

What you can expect:

A living wage — £385 a week.
An assigned developmental mentor from our creative team.
Real work, the full experience.
Studio dogs to pet.

What do we expect:

You. In person. Here in Leeds.
Your passion, pride, and personality.

Who to contact:

Creative Director, Ben: