A cut above the rest

A cut above the rest

04 July 2018

In a world of health hacks and fast tracks to ‘flawless,’ we know that drinking tea doesn’t make you skinny and eating sweets won’t make your hair grow. But how about an expert selection of vitamins and minerals that will enhance your daily performance?

Performance Lab’s new range of premium lifestyle and sport supplements needed to outshine its competitors and stand out from the crowd. This pioneering brand required creative that matched their cutting-edge approach and packaging that stood out as a legitimate choice for the premium lifestyle market.

The challenge therefore: get into the mindset of the consumer looking to ‘enhance their own human performance’ not just in the boardroom but also on the playing field.

Performance Lab don’t shy away from success so unapologetic brilliance led this creative. The strapline ‘Upgrade Yourself’ reflects the brand who want to see people living to their full potential, surpassing the norm. With the visual design we took cues from the high-end cosmetics already gracing the shelves of the target consumer.

There's confidence in simplicity; the clean aesthetic and minimalist design lets the unique colour gradients make shopping easy. The logo embossing and vibrant holographic foil work together to create a seamless selection experience. High-performance design for a high-performance product. The final design breaks category norms and emanates the quality of the product: a blend of scientific design and understated modernity with a promise to take you to the top.

We also did the website! You can find the brands full range of super supplements online now.