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31 October 2019


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The latest edition of our Bold, Brave & Beautiful book is out in the wild. This issue focuses on making brands with purpose that stand apart and consumers love.

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Statistics show that 77% of brands are replaceable in the eyes of consumers.*

Most categories house multiple brands that consumers are happy to shop based on price promotion rather than loyalty. It’s harder than ever for these brands to justify their shelf space over branded competitors, let alone retailer own-brand. For every Gillette there’s a Wilkinson Sword. For every Silentnight, a Sealy. I could go on.

At the same time, there’s never been as much love and opportunity for the 23% of brands whose fate isn’t decided by the latest retail buyer.

Stale, inwardly-looking categories are ripe for disruption as direct-to-consumer category challengers Dollar Shave Club (in men’s grooming) and Simba (in mattresses) have demonstrated. Now, there’s a second wave of disruptors that go even deeper than changing up the distribution model and visual narrative. These are brands that understand their target isn’t a demographic but a mindset, and sales aren’t about pushing product but building trust and educating.

Some of the world’s biggest players have wised up…

AB InBev pioneered the ‘disruptive innovation’ model with ZX Ventures, investing their money, people and capabilities into a new business unit focussed on new ways of demonstrating value beyond their core brands before someone else does. Soon to follow were Snack Futures, by Mondelez, and Manifesto Ventures, by Danone, with plenty more in the pipeline.

About a year ago, The Craftory, a “cause-driven capital” brand investment house, was set up. They’re backing who they see as brands of the future, those with a strong social mission and purpose beyond profit. All very well for start-ups and brands born from disruption, right? Think again. Singing from the same hymn sheet, new Unilever CEO Alan Jope boldly announced to the press recently that any brand it markets failing to serve a clear social or environmental purpose would “no longer have a long- term future” with the company.

This Bold, Brave and Beautiful, we’re showcasing the brands we’ve created that challenge their categories with a distinct mission and mindset. Brands fit for purpose and the future with approaches relevant for challenger and established brands alike.

At Robot Food we distil what sets your brand apart and turn up the volume so it can never be mistaken for another.

Yes, we work with the likes of the aforementioned ZX Ventures and The Craftory, but we are also the agency that gave Seabrook crisps its swagger back. A resurrection of the brand’s cult status that resulted in 22% year-on-year growth. We’re the agency who took protein brand Bulk Powders mainstream with a fresh lifestyle positioning, growing annual sales from £2m to £50m in just five years. We’re the agency that challenged the apologetic me-too approach of retailer own-brand in beers, ciders and spirits, making Co-op a stand out range that’s resolutely brand proud, seeing a double-digit uplift in sales.

We’re the agency that understands bravery isn’t bravado. It’s the bottom line.

Simon Forster: Founder & Executive Creative Director


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