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05 February 2019

Lone Wolf: with bark & bite

01 Lonewolf Casestudyimages 3200X2000 Lw Group

Having launched only last year, Lone Wolf made waves amongst craft liquor lovers with their under-one-roof, grain-to-bottle approach. With a range of gins and a vodka packed full of flavourful botanicals, BrewDog’s venture into spirits captured minds and palates but found teething problems in its label design.

We found the original brand mark considered, contemporary and angular but not prominent. The bottle, as well as being fiddly, was struggling to stand out on shelves and behind the bar. Lone Wolf asked us to review the design’s functionality and create something far more attention-grabbing.

01 Lonewolf Casestudyimages 3200X2000 Lw Group

Steph Oglesby, our senior designer has said:

“The new design really builds on existing brand assets, optimising the brand to its full potential. The aim was big brand presence so the wolf logo was amplified to stand proud, front and centre of the bottle. Following the angle of the brand mark, the cut through colour band pulls inspiration from the tonic and G&T can design, reflects the flavour profile and also helps to differentiate from the vodka bottle. The future-proof design shows consideration for range extensions and works to create a succinct brand look.”

02 Lonewolf Casestudyimages 3200X2000 Lw Neck Label
03 Lonewolf Casestudyimages 3200X2000 Lw Close Up Gin

“We dialled up the craft, making the brand’s small batch messaging easier to read with a new pride of place on the neck of the bottle. High build tactility was introduced on the new design with a raised brand mark, while the apothecary style grid elevates the product experience to match the intricate quality of the liquids.”

Find the wolf in its new clothes on shelves of bars and supermarkets now.

04 Lonewolf Casestudyimages 3200X2000 Lw Gin Bottle
05 Lonewolf Casestudyimages 3200X2000 Lw Vodka Bottle