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09 February 2021

bulk™ 1: The complete food shake

Bulk Powders Flat Lays Master One Main 3200x2000

Back in January, we revealed our strategic reposition and rebrand for bulk™ (previously Bulk Powders). A project that marked the business’ progressive shift in mindset – from an online retailer to an all-encompassing aspirational lifestyle brand.

A key part of our brief was to reduce the intimidation associated with the sports and active nutrition category and instead make the brand more inclusive and accessible for all. This included reviewing bulk™’s extensive product range and creating a clear visual system that would make the shopping experience easier and more enjoyable for their customers.

We worked on the whole lot – from the core range, to bulk™ PRO and their best-selling nutrition bars, Macro Munch.

And most recently, the design for bulk™ 1 – a quick and convenient, all-in-one food shake.

Check it out...

NW Studio 4006 New Banana Carame WHITE SCOOP 3200x2000
Bulk Powders Flat Lays Master One Main 3200x2000
NW Studio 4025 New Chocolate 1592x2000

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