Business As (un)Usual

Business As (un)Usual

23 March 2020

As we all get used to this new reality, you can forgive the urge for businesses to post reassurances and insist that it’s business as usual. But as the video chat invites flood our inboxes, ‘normality’ is fast becoming a distant memory for many of our new army of WFH professionals.

Despite the unparalleled situation our world finds itself in, I’m sure we all share the same pride in our teams’ abilities to maintain excellent levels of professionalism. I know that our tenacity, drive and enthusiasm will not waiver during this period.

However, can we please all just admit, that business is anything but usual right now?

I’m sure that the upside of this event will be positive learnings and new opportunities but in the meantime, whether agency or client side, we need to adapt, accept change and most importantly be open and honest about the challenges we collectively face.

I would like to thank all the agency friends, competitors and peers who I’ve spoken to in the past week as they’ve been open and honest, helping me start to process it all. I’m now in full planning mode and although the horizon isn’t that clear, I’m determined to do whatever it takes to get there with a team in good shape.

So, if anyone client side wants an honest chat about how they plan to weather this storm, we’re just the other side of yet another video chat invite – Agile and creative minds will lead the way and we’re ready for the challenge!

Stay safe.

Thanks, Simon