The Co-op Baby Bounces With Pride

The Co-op Baby Bounces With Pride

23 January 2018

In 2016 The Co-op appointed us to their agency framework and have since briefed projects that excite and challenge us. The first big packaging project to hit shelves (and one we’ve been looking forward to sharing) is the rebrand of their own-brand baby care range.

The Co-op needed for us to get to grips with a new generation of parents and provide customers with a credible own-brand alternative that would help encourage a wider shop and grow category sales.

Taking a closer look at the baby care category, it was clear that a lot many brands were out of touch and failing to cater to a new type of parent. Research showed that the majority of new parents were, in fact, millennial, yet most brands hadn’t changed much since said parents were in nappies themselves. In own-brand many offered either a cutesy or ‘me-too’ sub-brand; content to follow the conventions of category leaders and to compete solely on price with busy flashes and claims cluttering up packs.

Many across the category also appeared to support and project a sanitised, unattainable ideal of ‘perfection’ – something far from the experience of many of the new parents (including our own in the studio!) There was a clear opportunity to create a fresh, modern take on baby care that felt more aligned with the needs of the consumer.

Our strategy focussed on the realities of being a parent and looked to spark an emotional connection with the audience built on the joyful – and not so joyful – moments that come from parenthood.

We took the conventional cues of the category, the airbrushed smiling babies and expectations of ‘perfect parenting’ and ignored them. Instead, we commissioned children’s book illustrator, Jim Field. Famous for best-selling titles ‘The Lion Inside’ and ‘Oi Dog’, kids and adults love Field’s colourful and humorous illustration style. Animals replace babies on the front of packs to communicate age and improve navigation while rhyming product descriptors offer a storybook style tone of voice completely unique to The Co-op.

The new packs say less but communicate more through a simple, stripped back hierarchy and clever use of iconography to simplify and amplify key pack messages without the clutter. The final result is a look and feel that’s contemporary, relevant and confident to sit pride of place on nursery shelves as well as The Co-op’s.

Look out for the newly designed nappies appearing in store now with more products to follow.