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16 May 2023

Peace. Love. Cannabis.

CQ Blog Post Split 02

First mints, then gummies and now a drink. Introducing CQ – the third in our trilogy of cannabis brands, alongside Breez and Goldmine Gummies.

CQ (previously Cannabis Quencher) came to us in search of a bright and bubbly new identity for their cannabis-infused fruity drinks.

CQ Blog Post Split 01

Founded in 2012 by US actor and cannabis campaigner, Kenny Morrison, CQ is California’s longest standing cannabis drink. Made with a refreshing infusion of organic fruit and full spectrum cannabis, it sits right in the sweet spot between fun and function. And offers a whole host of benefits including sleep support and stress relief.

CQ Blog Post Split 04
CQ Blog Post Split 07

Loved for its deliciously juicy high, the brand was already a hit with everyone from regular cannabis users and party-goers, to the ‘cannacurious’ and even OAPs (no, really). But as the brand continued to grow, they needed a refreshed look that would better capture CQ’s fun-loving personality and win even more loyal fans.

CQ Blog Post Split 03

We started with modernising the logo – ditching the cold, medicinal feel, in favour of a rounded, more approachable brand mark. Crisp and white, it now pops against the new juicy colour palette, alongside friendly fruit illustrations that hero the real ingredients and put flavour front and centre.

CQ Blog Post Split 06
CQ Blog Post Split 05

For their Agua Fresca range, we opted for a consistent blue to communicate its lighter, more refreshing nature. And switched up the iconography to make the benefits crystal clear.

If you’re lucky enough to be heading stateside this summer, keep your eyes peeled for CQ in bud stores now.

CQ Blog Before Shot