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25 November 2021

Even more Irresistible

Co Op Irrsistible Main 3200x2000px

Another Co-op project under our belts and just in time for the festive season! A redesign of their Irresistible gifting range to make it, well, even more irresistible.

Co Op Irrsistible Main 3200x2000px

Our task was to push the boundaries of Co-op’s Irresistible design style and take its premium gifting range to a whole new level. The new design had to signal a special purpose and occasion beyond everyday Irresistible, while keeping a strong visual link back to the brand’s established identity, known and trusted by customers.

Co Op Irrsistible Fudge Orange2 1592x2000px
Co Op Irrsistible Fudge Blue2 1592x2000px

An ‘all-year-round’ appeal was important, elevating the indulgence levels for Christmas, Valentines, birthdays and beyond. We also had to consider how to future-proof the range style in order to make it easier for new products of all shapes, sizes and categories to be added.

Our aim was a design so good that your chosen gift wouldn’t need any wrapping. First, we stripped the pack information down to what was necessary and allowed the brand space to shine. Playing with bold colours and expressive line work, we then created a collection of contemporary patterns for a giftable look that would stand out on shelf.

Co Op Irrsistible Truffle Box 3200x2000px
Co Op Irrsistible Truffle Open 3200x1080px

We know what’s on our wish list. Spot these on Co-op shelves now.