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08 April 2021

Failing Up

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This week our Founder & ECD Simon opened up to Muse by Clio about what he learned when he tried to do it all, and failed. The article is part of the magazine's Failing Up series that gets industry figures chatting about a specific moment in their career that didn’t quite go to plan. This could be anything from a project or pitch that flopped to a life choice they never should have made.

Here’s a snippet of what Si said...

‘It can be hard to admit you need help, especially when you've built your career by taking risks and seeing where the chips fall.

But there I was, in one of those "record-scratch, you're probably wondering how I wound up here" moments, realising for the first time that if I wanted to take my agency forward, I couldn't continue to play every role in the business.

I was in an Edinburgh restaurant with a client, celebrating the successful launch of our biggest rebrand to date. The evening had been going well when suddenly the issue of payment reminders for invoices was raised, leading to a tirade of verbal abuse that ultimately resulted in my leaving early, pretty shaken up…’

Now if that’s got you intrigued, you can read the full piece here.